New Book: Becoming the Good News

Greetings friends! I’m excited to share that my new book Becoming the Good News: A New Approach to Parish Evangelization is available for pre-order and will be released this spring.

Special thanks to all the friends, colleagues, and family who were the inspiration for writing, and to the many who read and offered feedback and endorsements. It’s been quite the journey from an idea in my head to a real, live book!

More information and pre-order link available here:

Thanks for your support!

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  1. Daniel J. Miller says:

    Congratulations, Michael.

    How great! You’re making it happen.

    Advent blessings,

    Dan ________________________________

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    1. Thank you so much Dan! And thanks for all the great advice you gave me. I believe the first one was: Just write a short book! I took it to heart! Hope you are well. Advent blessings to you also.


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