Incarnation is Everywhere is the fruit of prayer, silence, and the daily bread of God’s grace, present to us in the holy ordinary of everyday life.

Much of my writing flows from the liturgical and sacramental experience of being Catholic. I write from a Catholic perspective, but try to remain open to all that is True, Good, and Beautiful in the world, in the culture, and in people. Incarnation is everywhere, after all.


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Why do people leave religion? The Holy Questions Podcast

Why do people walk away from their religious traditions? What is behind the mass exodus of the "nones"? We discuss this important question and the importance of listening, of authentic "witness,"  and sharing our own stories of struggle.  More information on the CARA Report we discussed here : Going Going Gone: The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics.  Have a holy question? Email us at holyquestionspodcast@gmail.com. 


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I wrote Your Church Wants to Hear from You: What is the Synod on Synodality? to help get the word out about the Synod on Synodality and the call for our church to be more synodal. It was published by Liturgical Press in April 2022.

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