[I find you, Lord, in all Things and in all]

A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke for the Feast of Christ the King: [I find you, Lord, in all Things and in all] I find you, Lord, in all Things and in allmy fellow creatures, pulsing with your life;as a tiny seed you sleep in what is smalland in the vast you vastly yield yourself. […]

They can’t touch my soul

Like many Americans, I experienced a fair bit of anxiety over the course of the election. The morning after election night, when the election was still undecided, I headed into Morning Glory Ministries to help with emergency assistance. I was greeted by Carol, a longtime volunteer with a quick wit and lots of hard won […]

School of Love

It was at the end of a frazzled-to-the-bone day of parenting, when everything seemed to go wrong. I was rocking my rambunctious 16 month old Georgie, who was uncharacteristically exhausted (he had gotten all the goodie out of the day, and his dad), when he nuzzled in close, pointed to my eye, and said (in […]

Holy Ordinary

The holy ordinarya radiant grilled cheeseand flies swarming the dirty diapers A squirrel burst the seed bagate all the sunflower seedsand I cleaned it upwith a rusty spade One quiet moment when the babyfalls to sleepsunlight on the fresh rainreunions after schooland fresh pizza filling the oven If I don’t find You in thisI won’t […]


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Gates of Paradise

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