Graced Transitions

My children are light sleepers, so when they fall asleep on me in the rocking chair, it can be a … More

School of Love

It was at the end of a frazzled-to-the-bone day of parenting, when everything seemed to go wrong. I was rocking … More

A Good Christmas

In a hazy afterglow after Christmas, in the liminal space between the years, when every dying spark of cheer hangs … More

A Violent Summer

In the fading light of evening my son is speaking of butterflies.  We had just read the old favorite, The … More

Love in the Ruins

A cold and wet rain has fallen on Kansas City for two days. I sit outside my usual go-to church … More

Wounds & Wolves

Driving a long a narrow stretch of Kansas highway last spring, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the sunset, … More