My writing at incarnation is everywhere is an expression of the deep joys and insights I’ve found in faith, family, literature, philosophy, art, science, history, and the natural world.

To say that the incarnation is everywhere is not a pantheistic assertion, but simply an observation that erupts from mystical prayer and contemplation: to see the Christ, the Logos, the Ordering Principle present in all of creation, drawing all things to himself, “that God may be all in all” (1 Corinthians 15). This awareness, that God who created all things out of nothing, is somehow present in the holy ordinary of our daily life, is not reserved for the spiritual elite, but it is our birthright as children of God. It does not deny the existence of evil, of suffering, of darkness, but instead casts them into an eschatological perspective: in the end, God will be all in all.

I write from my own Catholic perspective, and in following the wisdom of the Ancient Mothers and Fathers, try to remain open to all that is true and good and beautiful in every religion and spiritual expression. Thank you for reading.

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