Incarnation is everywhere: that God may be all in all.

Incarnation is Everywhere is the fruit of prayer, sacraments and sacramentals, silence, scripture, and the daily bread of God’s grace, present to us in the holy ordinary of everyday life.

If there were ever anything like a mission statement for my writing, I think it would be this: Incarnation is everywhere because God reveals who God is in the twists and turns and surprises of our lives, in the extraordinary and in the mundane. Through the eyes of charity and the eyes of faith, we can see Christ all around us, the Christ who promised to be with us until the end of the age: in the poor, in the stranger, in the ones we love, in the true, the good, the beautiful. We are inheritors of an immense wealth, an enchanted worldview, a sacramental imagination capable of seeing God in the deepest deprivations life has to offer: suffering, sickness, and death. That is the pearl of great price: Emmanuel, God-with-us, the Kingdom always inbreaking.

I write from the Catholic perspective, but remain open to all that is True, Good, and Beautiful. Incarnation is everywhere, after all.

About the author

Michael J. Sanem has written for Give Us This Day, God In All Things, US Catholic Magazine, Millennial Journal, the Catholic Key Magazine and the Leaven Catholic Newspaper. A former Bernardin Scholar at Catholic Theological Union, he works in ministry and as an occasional travel guide to Italy. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife and three sons.

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